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First Visit


For your first visit, follow our guide Scottie !

Just like me you will sit on a chair that goes up and down. The Doctor will need a bright light to see your teeth. You will wear sun glasses to be protected from the light.


When the Doctor will look at your teeth she will need you to open wide. You will also see your teeth with a little mirror.


The Doctor and her Assistant will then look at your mouth, count your teeth. You can also count with us : one two three...

The Doctor will use a tiny mirror and a tooth counter.


If necessary, we will take a picture of your teeth. During the picture you will wear an apron. Please stay still, and wait for the click... This picture is done.


Then you will learn to brush your teeth with my friend LEO the fish.

At the end of your first visit, if you have been a "champion" just like me, you can choose a present. I chose a sticker, what are you going to get ?



Now it's your turn !



Meet our Dentists


Dr Ariane Arav-Hazan
Pediatric Dentist

Dr Lorraine Arav
Pediatric Dentist


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